Region of origin: Romania

The strigoi, ostensibly equated with the modern vampire, was by most accounts a human who led a sinful life and would rise from the grave as an undead creature that possessed great demonic powers and fed on the living. But, now stay with me here, what if they were also a werewolf. The pricolici is similar to the strigoi in many ways but instead of maintaining their human form they are permanently transformed into a giant wolf. And instead of feeding on their victims slowly over time, their bestial nature would result in far more immediate, grizzly attacks. A more violent creature, it’s possible if in life the actions that condemned them were also violent in nature and led to their unique derivation from the usual strigoi. Alternatively, there are some versions of the lore that state the pricolici is a strigoi of a person who was already a werewolf when they were alive.

Originally posted on Tumblr on May 20, 2016

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