Masbate Monster


Masbate Monster

Region of origin: Claveria, Masbate Province, The Philippines

The agreed upon details of the Masbate Monster cryptid are the decomposing body of a strange creature washed ashore and was taken by the man who discovered it and sold to a butcher before it could be properly identified. Beyond that, details are murky or contradictory; witnesses gave its size ranging from twenty to forty feet long, and it was alternatively described as cow- or calf-like, a giant eel, a plesiosaur-like animal or a shell-less turtle. Though they were never able to observe the carcass directly, some experts suggest it, like many large globsters, may have been an orca or basking shark, deformed or too badly decomposed to be recognizable.

Originally posted on Tumblr on July 29, 2016

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