Region of origin: Japan

A walking blob of fat and flesh with rudimentary features that most noticeably produces an incredibly foul, rotting odor. The nuppeppō is a solitary creature that will live by itself in ruins of cemeteries and temples, but on rare occasion will venture into human settlements at night to make a bit of harmless mischief, taking delight in spooking people with its appearance or their revulsion at its smell. It’s said eating the flesh of the nuppeppō can have curative properties, such as being a panacea or even granting the person eternal youth or immortality, but in order to do so the person must first be able to catch the surprisingly nimble yokai and then manage to withstand its stench to consume it. Their origins remain unclear, with some suggesting they may be other yokai who botched a transformation and became stuck in this form, while others saying it is some man-made construct built from rotting flesh and given life. Its name is a play on a term for someone wearing too much makeup, in reference to the vagueness of its facial features.

Originally posted on Tumblr on September 13, 2016

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