Region of origin: Route 120, Hoenn

A solitary creature that spends most of its time in remote mountainous regions, it will often show up near human settlements prior to catastrophic events. Because of this association, they were viewed as bad luck or evil in nature, but others believe their appearance is an attempt to warn people of what’s coming and the Absol itself is benevolent. It is theorized the horn on the right side of its head is a sensory organ, and its seeming precognitive ability is the result of it being able to sense minute changes in the atmosphere preceding natural disasters. Absol is primarily inspired by the Bai Ze, a white cat- or cow-like creature with black horns and a similar history of imparting warnings and information to travelers, and also incorporates elements of the yin and yang symbol into its design.

Originally posted on Tumblr on November 18, 2016

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