Brown Jenkin


Brown Jenkin

Region of origin: Arkham, Massachutsetts, United States

A rat with a human-like face, Brown Jenkin was a small creature that haunted Arkham residents in their homes at night and in particular was seen around the “Witch House,” where he served as a familiar to Keziah Mason, both of them in the service of the dark gods Nyarlathotep and Azathoth. He nursed on Mason’s blood and assisted her in her arcane rituals and human sacrifices. Brown Jenkin could speak in human tongue, supposedly fluent in all languages. There’s some thought Lovecraft based Jenkin at least in part on Gef the Mongoose, the story of whom would have been hitting the tabloids around the time Dreams In The Witch House was being written, but there was no hard confirmation of this I could find.

Originally posted on Tumblr on October 14, 2016

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