Region of origin: Germany

A mythical bird said to live in the underbrush of the forests of southwestern Germany, the elwetritsh was believed to be created from the crossbreeding of ducks, chickens and other fowl with fae inhabitants of the woods such as goblins and elven creatures. Similar to the wolpertinger, the elwetritsch was a hoax of assembled animal parts to create a new creature; people would serve small game fowl and claim it was the creature, or take interested parties out on snipe-hunts in the night and attempt to catch elwetritschen by beating bushes and putting out a lantern that would attract the birds who got disturbed from their nests. Early depictions were commonly a large chicken with horns or antlers, but as time went on artists creating statues of the creature would add an increasing number and variety of parts, often including number of beaks or limbs from different animals and human breasts. Folk tales of the elwetrisch have carried over through emigration to America and still exist in some Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish communities.

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