Region of origin: Laverre Nature Trail, Route 14, Kalos

A gastropod-like dragon, Goodra and its related species live in swamps and other damp environments to help keep their slime-covered skin from drying out. The slime it excretes can be used for assisting in locomotion of its bulky body, as well as functioning as a natural defense both by being corrosive and helping prevent potential predators from getting a hold upon it. It has underdeveloped visual organs running down the lateral sides of its body, with the four horn-like antennae doing most of the sensory heavy lifting. A gentle giant, domesticated Goodra are loyal to their trainers and will often attempt to hug them, unaware of the danger their mass and slime may pose. As a mollusk-like dragon, there are several analogues in world mythology, including the Shussebora, the Chinese Shen and France’s Lou Carcolh.

Originally posted on Tumblr on November 17, 2016

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