Ningen (updated)



Region of origin: Antarctica

A cryptid said to be living on ice floes and in the ocean near Antarctica by Japanese sailors on whale research vessels, the features attributed to the ningen vary but all largely describe a large white whale-like creature with human characteristics, usually a simple face and a pair of either arms or legs. Various sightings claim to have been encountering versions of the creature since the 1990s, with anonymous posts from the sailors on Japanese message boards in the mid-2000s seemingly being the first mention of them. With a lack of any concrete evidence and little consensus on details, many argue these are simply a hoax but if the stories are from people who genuinely saw something, possible explanations have ranged from the extraterrestrial to animals thought to be extinct (including a giant marine sloth) to simply misidentifying whales in the darkness of the night waters.

An updated version of this post

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