Region of origin: The Alps

With the first recorded sighting occurring in 1779 and persisting into the Twentieth Century, there have been numerous accounts of a strange reptilian creature attacking travelers in the Alpine regions of Europe, peaking in the mid-1800s where stories of the creature had become so widespread details of it were included in Bavarian hunting manuals. The Tatzelwurm was described as a dragon or serpent often with feline features at its front half and either only two legs or a set of short, stubby hind-legs. Sightings of the Tatzelwurm petered out by the mid-1900s, but interest in the creature’s existence was maintained by evidence in the form of a photograph and a skeleton, both of which were later shown to be hoaxes, and continued accounts of eyewitnesses finding strange lizards in the Alps.

Originally posted on Tumblr on November 29, 2016

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