Werewolves of Ossory


Werewolves of Ossory

Region of origin: Ossory, Ireland

Thought to be descendants of Clan Allta who were cursed by St. Natalis for blasphemy, the people of medieval Ossory were believed to be faoladh, creatures capable of turning from humans into wolves or, in some variations, sending their spirit out of their human form and taking possession of a wolf. Some said they could change at will, other stories told there were two Ossorians at any given point who were uncontrollably compelled to change and stayed as wolves for seven years before returning to their human forms and two more took their place. Ossorian wolf-men would kill cattle and otherwise behave as wolves when left to their own devices, but were capable of human speech and reasoning and were utilized by the king as fierce warriors in his army, giving them reputations as protectors and guardians more akin to Scotland’s benevolent wulvers than continental Europe’s more dangerous werewolf variations.

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