The Flatwoods Monster (Updated)


The Flatwoods Monster

Region of origin: Braxton County, West Virginia

In the late summer of 1952 in Braxton county, there was a rash of monster and UFO sightings, and while specifics varied greatly from account to account, the most documented case among them was the initial encounter in the forests near the village of Flatwoods, where a group of five children and one of their parents went exploring after what they thought might have been a UFO landing or crashing. Heading towards the area where the light they had seen seemed to settle, they found the area permeated by a pungent mist which left them with stinging eyes or a nauseous feeling, and some would later be treated for effects similar to exposure to mustard gas. As they continued through the woods they found what they described as a large, slender figure, looming 10-12 feet tall and seemingly either mechanical or wearing some kind metallic outfit or casing that fanned out near the bottom resembling an apron or frock, and a spade-shaped cowl surrounding its round, red face. The figure’s large eyes lit up bright enough to illuminate the surrounding woods, then hissed and moved towards the group, levitating slightly off the ground. The group ran away as it approached them and later came back with some local law enforcement and media to inspect the area who found nothing at the site other than some lingering trace of the gas’ scent and what appeared to be a black oil. After the story got out, there was reports of a mother and daughter coming forward to say they had seen a similar creature at their farm, and later another nearby sighting of a reptilian figure whose lower body was encased in the same floating, metallic base as the Flatwoods monster.

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An updated version of this post.

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