The Poole Pyramid


The Poole Pyramid

Region of origin: Poole, Dorset, England

A strange triangular creature sighted twice in 1965 by then-seven-year-old Terence Druce and his younger brother Roderick, later nicknamed the Poole Pyramid by Cryptopia. Terence first saw the “thing” in his room late one night at the foot of his bed, covered in multicolored interlocking triangles and with long black arms ending in pincer-claws. Terence screamed in panic waking up Roderick who also saw the creature before it disappeared. The next day, the two encountered presumably the same creature while walking home, still tall and triangular but now simply a black shape lacking the many-colored facets from the night before and possessing a “beak-like” protrusion near its top. Despite its lack of distinct features, it gave the impression it was watching the boys but never moved to follow them. The creature was never seen again but several years later other members of the Druce family would continue witnessing strange sky-lights and UFO activity.

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