Villa Santina Aliens


Villa Santina Aliens

Region of origin: Villa Santina, Udine, Italy

In August of 1947, R.L. Johannis, an artist and amateur geologist staying in the village of Raveo followed the nearby Chiarso stream into the mountains near neighboring Villa Santina. There he encountered a red disc-shaped object partially embedded in the mountainside, from which emerged two small figures, green-skinned, strangely-dressed and, he estimated, less than three feet in height. Johannis waved hello as the figures approached him, which he believes may have been perceived as a threatening gesture as one reached down to its belt and fired a vaporous ray at him, causing a sensation he likened to a “violent electric shock,” knocking him to the ground, still conscious but weakened and unable to move without great effort. While down, the two inspected the area and seemingly took an easel Johannis had set up nearby before returning to the disc-shaped craft which shortly shot up into the sky and disappeared from sight. After a few hours, Johannis felt he had recovered enough to return to Raveo; he came back to the site the next day but found nothing out of the ordinary.

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