The Hide-behind


The Hide-behind

Region of origin: Northern United States

Fast, stealthy, and agile, the Hide-behind earns its name from its ability to obscure itself behind even narrow trees and other brush as it stalks its prey, often lumberjacks working near its territory. Once it is upon them, it will let out a fearsome noise and knock them unconscious before dragging its victim back to its lair where it will feast on them, favoring their intestines. It is described as a mix between a grizzly bear and a French sheepdog, six feet tall and bipedal despite the fact that it has never actually been seen. They’re said to detest the smell of alcohol, and being extremely drunk is the best method to ward one off. Noises in the forest at night, such as breaking branches or an owl that has gotten a maraca, may be attributed to the Hide-behind.

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