Region of origin: Brazil

With roots in stories brought over by Portuguese colonizers, the Besta-fera, often translated as Bestial Beast, was an centaur-like evil spirit who rode the earth on nights when the moon was full. On these nights it was said to ride out of hell and collect the souls of the damn, galloping loudly through towns until it ended its route in a graveyard, returning with its bounty to the underworld. The Besta-fera was usually thought to never directly threaten mortals, but hearing or seeing it could incite temporary fear or madness. In some versions it was said to be accompanied by a pack of hounds, and may itself have a wolf-like head; in other versions it is missing its head entirely. There is some belief the Besta-fera may be an incarnation of the Devil itself, and it has some connotation with the beast mentioned in Revelations. The term has also come to be used to describe particularly ill-tempered or fearsome people.

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