Region of origin: Sergio Island, south Pacific ocean

After the space amoeba known as Bemular or alternatively Yog, a member of a Lovecraftian race of shapeless conquerors, hitched a ride to Earth via an unmanned rocket sent to Jupiter, he crash-landed near the remote Sergio Island and began forming an army of giant creatures to attack the planet, mutating local fauna including cuttlefish, turtles and a rubble crab (also known as a horrid elbow crab). A group of scientists and resort planners who had convened on Sergio for their own purposes dealt with the monsters after discovering Yog, Ganime and the other monsters were hurt and disoriented by extremely high-pitched noises such as the echolocation of the colony of bats that have nested on the island, and were also weak to high temperatures such as being pushed into a volcano.

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The Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square


The Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square

Region of origin: 50 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, England, United Kingdom

Considered the “most haunted house in London,” 50 Berkeley Square has for centuries been a site of supposed grisly deaths, ghosts in the attics, living shadows and various other paranormal events. One part of the house in particular, a room on the second floor, saw a concentration of haunted activity and drew the attention of investigators and curious parties, several of whom reported attacks or deaths caused by a shambling, betentacled thing that appeared and disappeared from the room at will, with incidents occurring from the 1840s through the mid-twentieth century. Of those who believe in the beast, many consider it another of the building’s many ghostly apparitions but others attribute a less supernatural origin to creature, suggesting it may be some manner of mutated or predatory freshwater octopus getting into the house from the sewers below.

Originally posted on Tumblr on June 13, 2016