The Compendium of Arcane Beasts and Critters is a collection of animals and figures from all around the world, from classic myth and folklore to more modern sources like cryptids and urban legends, researched and illustrated by Traci Shepard. Monsters and creature design has always been a passion of mine, paired with learning about the varied cultures that created them, so this started as a whim to do month of daily monster drawings. Once I got started I knew I couldn’t stop at just thirty, so I began adding write-ups, got a separate blog for it and kept going every day for a year, after which I took a break and have now brought it back on a MWF schedule. You can follow it here, or through the Tumblr or Twitter accounts.

CABC is always going to be a free project, but a lot of work goes into the research and art for it so if you would like to help support it you can back me over on Patreon (and get extra and exclusive art to boot) or leave me a tip on my Ko-fi.