Region of origin: Alaska, United States

A species of hominid from the folklore of the Yup’ik tribes of southwestern Alaska. Descriptions from sightings mention exceptionally long arms, glowing eyes and making a mournful call comparable to that of a loon. The urayuli are considered to be peaceful, but old stories warn children not too wander alone in the woods where the creatures live or they’ll turn into one themselves.

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De Loys’ Ape


De Loys’ Ape

Region of origin: Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

In 1920, a geologist on an expedition to locate a petroleum reserve, François de Loys, sent an account of his party encountering a pair of large, aggressive primates. They claim to have shot the male, causing the female to flee back into the forest. The male’s body was propped up for a photograph which remains the only evidence of the creature; however as it has no reference to scale, the creature appears to resemble a common spider monkey and the body itself was never recovered, it is largely believed to have been a hoax.

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Region of origin: Sri Lanka

A community of small hominins, possibly a species of Australopithecus, said to exist on Sri Lanka identified as far back as 400 AD in texts by Pliny the Elder but with supposed fossil evidence and sightings of living creatures persisting through to the Twentieth Century and today. They lived in trees and caves and hunted small game, utilizing long claw-like nails but have also been said to steal food away from human encampments.

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Honey Island Swamp Monster


Honey Island Swamp Monster

Region of origin: Honey Island Swamp, Louisiana, United States

An ape-like hominid sighted in the swamps of eastern Louisiana, descriptions mention reptilian or amphibious features as well as mammalian, including footprints supposedly belonging to the creatures showing webbed feet. Lore around the creature’s origins explain this combination as their being the result of circus chimpanzees escaping into the swamps after a trainwreck and mating with indigenous crocodiles.

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Am Fear Liath Mòr


Am Fear Liath Mòr

Region of origin: Ben Macdui, Scotland

“The Big Gray Man” of the Scottish highlands, sightings of this figure on the mountain trails of Ben Macdui stretch back into the 1800s. Tales of it being around for as long as they have, it’s picked up more supernatural qualities attributed to it than many similar creatures, including a supposed height ranging from ten to thirty feet (some classifying it as a giant rather than a proper hominin), the ability to create foggy conditions which always seem to accompany it and causing distressful, paranoid or even suicidal emotions in the people it encounters. It, and the wide variation of specifics between sightings, has largely been explained away as being a Brocken spectre, an optical illusion of a figure caused by the sun casting a shadow of the observer on the surrounding fog.

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Region of origin: Shobara, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

Japan’s local extant hominid that had sightings flare up in the early Seventies in the areas around Mt. Hiba in the Hiroshima prefecture. The hibagon is characterized as smaller and more ape-like than many cryptid hominids, possessing a peaceful disposition and a rank odor.

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Region of origin: Pakistan

A “wildman” hominin supposedly said to live in the Chitral and Karakorum mountain ranges of Pakistan and Afghanistan, near the neighboring Himalayas. Zoologists and anthropologists have compiled numerous sightings, with accounts tell of it kidnapping women and wearing animal skins as rudimentary clothing.

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