Region of origin: Fresno, California, United States

The Fresno Aliens, or “Nightcrawlers,” are a group of beings caught on security camera footage notable for their long legs and strange gait. These sightings have been fairly recent but there are some claims the indigenous people of the region have been familiar with them for hundreds of years, and that these extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional creatures are benevolent proponents of harmony and mankind coexisting the natural world.

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Arboreal Abomination


Arboreal Abomination

Region of origin: Peru

Two men out driving in southern Peru encountered what was described as “an extraterrestrial Christmas tree,” a blackish shrub-like entity covered in golden eyes. The two got out of there car to investigate but there wasn’t much interaction with the creature itself before noticing above their car was a large flying saucer, presumably connected to the shrub-thing (sightings of the same craft by other witnesses in the area from some ways away we recorded, though no one else encountered the plant-like creature). The two the returned to their vehicle and put as much distance between themselves and the creature as possible.

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Giant Space Brains of Palos Verdes


Giant Space Brains of Palos Verdes

Region of origin: Palos Verdes, California, United States

Two men attempting to go for a late-night drive in Palos Verdes found the road blocked by a pair of creatures resembling large blue brains, one smaller one about the size of a grapefruit and another about as large as a human torse, with a single red eye in the front. The driver turned and sped away, dropped his passenger off and returned to his own home to find after what should have been a ten-minute drive two hours had elapsed. Years after the event, the driver, John Hodges, underwent hypnotic regression and recalled communicating with the brain-like beings telepathically and being taken aboard their ship, where it was revealed to him the brains functioned as communicators and translators to a species of giant grey-skinned humanoids on the ship who warned Hodges on behalf of humanity that proceeding as they were would lead to their own destruction, showing him images of nuclear destruction and other alien civilizations who had met a similar fate before returning him to his car.

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Alien Octopoids


Alien Octopoids

Region of origin: Tivissa, Spain

A farmer, John Mateu, out working in the field before sunrise saw a light about a half-mile away and, thinking it may have been someone have car issues, headed over to see if he could be of any assistance. Arriving at the source of the light, however, he found a half-ellipse-shaped floating object. As Mateu was assessing the craft, he noticed two small betentacled creatures about 100 yards away running towards him. They piled into their ship and took off. Mateu returned home, shaken but seemingly unharmed, however learned he had somehow been gone for over a day. He returned to the site with his brother and found the grass underneath where the craft had been hovering appeared burnt and flattened, and as they explored the area the two found several other similar spots. Researchers drawn to the area after hearing Mateu’s story produced no conclusive evidence of alien visitors but reportedly found some manner of anomalous electromagnetic readings.

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The “Telepathic Football”


“The Telepathic Football”

Region of origin: Calama, Chile

Two children out looking for an escaped pet snake one night encountered a creature they initially thought to be a stray dog. They tried to scare off by throwing rocks at it, instead it drew its attention towards them, where they could seeit was not the dog they had originally assumed it was; hopping rabbit-like on webbed feet and with a body shaped like a rugby football. As it approached the boys, rearing up and walking on two legs the creature began to glow and, telepathically, told them “don’t stare, just run away.” Heeding the voice in their head they fled home, and the creature hasn’t been encountered since.

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Garson Invaders


Garson Invaders

Region of origin: Garson, Ontario, Canada

A nickel miner working in Garson, Ennio La Sarza witnessed a disc-shaped craft descend near where he was working from which three creatures exited, their bodies and faces glowing with “a color combination he had never seen before.” The three approached La Sarza and, seemingly utilizing psychic abilities, froze him still and telepathically compelled him to perform tasks for them, the nature of which he had never revealed but said he would “rather die” than do them, claiming in later interviews the creatures were anything but benign, before blacking out and later waking at the same spot; the creatures and their craft now nowhere to be seen.

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The Old Saybrook Blockheads


The Old Saybrook Blockheads

Region of origin: Old Saybrook, Connecticut, United States

Sighted in her backyard in 1957, schoolteacher Mary Starr witnessed a cylindrical, brightly-glowing craft hovering over her clothesline and, within it, the occupants: small, largely featureless, rubbery creatures topped by translucent cubes containing glowing red cores. As she watched the ship, the windows of the craft through which Mrs. Starr was viewing the inhabitants disappeared before it’s glowing intensified briefly, then faded back and the ship flew off straight up into the sky.

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