Region of origin: Lithuania

A household goblin, the aitvaras can be obtained from the egg of a seven-year-old rooster or purchased from the Devil for the price of one Your Soul. Inside its assigned home, it appears as a black rooster with a flaming tail, but outside it takes on the form of a dragon. Despite its infernal origins, an aitvaras can be considered a boon for a household. If treated well and fed often (it likes omelettes), it will bring its home great luck and wealth, though by some tellings that wealth is ill-gotten; misappropriated from neighbors or around town. If mistreated, however, that luck will turn bad. Once settled into a home, the aitvaras can not be made to leave the house, only able to be banished or killed by those pure of heart.

Originally posted on Tumblr on February 17, 2016

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