Kaw Kaw


Kaw Kaw

Region of origin: Malta

A figure formed of grey slime, the Kaw Kaw or Gawgaw will roam the streets of Malta at night, tracking people who misbehaved by the smell of their guilt then using his viscous form will squeeze into their homes through cracks or open spaces. Once inside, he will meet his victims with a wide, toothless grin and proceed to frighten or torment them through the night or kidnap them away to an unknown land. Kaw Kaw is supposedly most active during the winter months, and in some versions he is actually a human unlucky enough to be born on the night of December 24, cursed by God for sharing a birthday with such a holy time to take on this form between Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, meting out punishments throughout the night then awakening human once more but covered in bruises. Alternatively, there are older tales of another creature called Kaw Kaw who was a giant who was large enough cross the island of Malta in two steps.

Originally posted on Tumblr on October 17, 2016

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